Training Plans

IMG_4735If you’re happy to train on your own but would like regular programmed workouts, my training plans are perfect for you! Each session will be dynamic, challenging and motivating focusing on getting the best out of you and your body.

My training plans are split into 5 categories:

Strength Bias

The Strength Bias Program will focus on building strength in the Olympic and Power Lifts as well as cycling heavy weights in a variety of ways. The Strength Bias is made for individuals that are already well rounded to a certain extent. They may have some success in workouts with gymnastics, lighter loads, and/or high metabolic conditioning but may struggle more with heavier weights and medium/heavy conditioning workouts.

Gymnastic Bias

The Gymnastic Bias Program will use EMOMs, Metabolic Conditioning, Skill Work and Practice, and more to improve both positioning and efficiency. The Gymnastic Bias is designed for individuals who struggle with gymnastic movements like Handstand Push Ups, Muscle Ups, Chest to Bar Pull Ups, etc. The program will work on improving proficiency in each of the movements as well developing your ability to be able to complete high reps at each, which is often required in competition and the Open. This will help you be able to hang on or push through for those needed last few reps in body weight movements.

Masters Programming

The Masters Program offers a well thought out training program designed specifically for masters athletes who are looking to compete at a higher level in the sport of CrossFit, as well as those who want to improve their general athleticism and fitness and want to work towards becoming a more well rounded athlete. Programming will focus on dynamic mobility and activation at the start of the session with each week incorporating a mix of gymnastics skills and drills, strength work, mobility work, conditioning and accessory work.

Olympic Lifting Bias

The Olympic Lifting focused program will use max lifts and back-off sets throughout allowing for a lot of flexibility in loading along with the opportunity to increase intensity if you’re ambitious. The program will also include positional strength work for the snatch and clean & jerk as well as a focus on developing explosive power.

Competitors Programming

The Competitors program is the most detailed and complete program we offer. The Competitors programming is a structured program focusing on high level gymnastics, metabolic conditioning and heavy loading.  This program offers volume in all aspects of strength, conditioning, and gymnastics at precisely scheduled times throughout the year.  This will give athletes time to peak at the appropriate times during the Open and Regionals. The aim of the Competitors Programme is to offer everything an athlete needs to compete at their highest level.


All of the above training plans are offered for £30 per month for 5 sessions per week. If you’d like a completely bespoke training plan tailored to your individual needs, I can do this for you. Bespoke training plans are £60 per month.

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