Client Reviews

Dan is an incredibly motivating trainer, whose programing and coaching technique was specifically catered for my individual needs. Within only a few months I saw a significant improvement in my performance and fitness

Dan has been coaching and programming for me for a while now and what I love the most is the dedication HE puts in to helping YOU achieve your goals! Above all he is sensitive to your needs and coaches the way you like it and the way you work best, as not everyone responds well to being shouted at as if we are in the army! Highly recommended

Dan wrote me a program for a competition I was participating in. The knowledge Dan has is vast and he’s exceptionally personable. Fantastic trainer and loves what he does. Highly recommend him to anyone

Dan’s programming has helped me get stronger and fitter. He put together a plan to improve on my weaknesses and build on my strengths. He helped me prepare for a competition where I set a number of personal records and achieved more than I thought I could

The programming is always on time and specific to your goals. Dan is very approachable and is willing to discuss and alter programming if your goals have changed. He is a supportive and encouraging coach who is always on hand to aid progression

What I particularly like about training with Dan is that he can see my weaknesses and knows exactly how to get me to push through them. Since training with him I have rapidly achieved heavier lifts and completed workouts I didn’t believe I would be able to, his positivity and motivation make it really easy for you to achieve the results you want. I would recommend Dan to anyone – if anyone can help you achieve your goals, he can!

In the year Dan has been programming for me, not only have I added 30kg to my squat, but gained all round strength and fitness. Dan’s sessions have given me confidence and drive in preparation for competitions. With a lot of fun along the way!

Dan is an extremely qualified personal trainer whom I would recommend to anyone – whether you are looking to improve your overall fitness or just want to refine certain aspects of your training

Dan is a highly experienced and professional trainer with a genuine passion for helping others achieve their health and fitness goals. Through his guidance and encouragement, I have managed to improve my technique and skills and break down the barriers that were previously holding me back in my training

Dan has worked with me for just over two months doing PT sessions with me and programming for me. He’s worked on my weaknesses and developed my strengths through a combination of what I like and what challenges me and I have seen massive results in a short space of time in terms of my mobility, strength, gymnastic skills and endurance. I love his approach, humour and support both physical and emotional!

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